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Christel Bergström

Professor in Molecular Pharmaceutics at Uppsala University.

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Daniel Bergström
Business development

RPh, MBA, PhD with significant experience from national and international positions.

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Caroline Alvebratt

PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences. Expert in developing in vitro assays to study performance of drug formulations.

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Anton Norberg
Project Student

Master student at the Master of Science program in Pharmacy at Uppsala University.

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Lingxiao Li
Laboratory Assistant

MSc in Drug Discovery & Development. Experienced in artificial models for permeation studies.


Enphasys is devoted to improving oral drug performance. Our patented invention, the Enabling Absorption Device (ENA) compares performance of any type of advanced drug formulation and correctly picks the top performer in vivo without need for animal experiments. Enphasys cutting edge expertise in drug formulation optimization helps ensure the optimal dosage form is selected for clinical development faster and at lower cost. Enphasys is based in Uppsala and was founded in 2019.

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