New paper published corroborating ENA utility

August 10, 2023

A recent paper published in the European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences further corroborates the utility of Enphasys patented Enabling Absorption Device (ENA) in evaluating drug formulation performance. Previous work has established the utility of the ENA for evaluating performance of various oral formulations including liquid lipid based formulations. Now, for the first time it was demonstrated that the ENA, with its simultaneous monitoring of digestion and permeation, can be used to evaluate performance also of solid lipid based formulations (sLBF). In contrast to classic in vitro intestinal digestion assay, the ENA provides a ranking of performance of different sLBFs. The paper concludes that the ENA is a valuable tool for the development and evaluation of sLBFs to make better informed decisions of which formulations to pursue for in vivo studies. The research was conducted by Professor Bergströms' research group in collaboration with researchers in Greece, Germany and the Netherlands. Click link for access!

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